What we do

OTS specialises in the highest quality bespoke Human Performance Training. With extensive experience in both Private and Public sector, we start by putting you first and designing a course around your needs and expectations.


Developing Non Technical Skills in your teams could improve safety, efficiency and operational excellence, whilst at the same time decrease stress levels.


With extensive experience in both Private  and Public sector, we start by putting you first and designing a course around your needs and expectations.


Developing Non Technical Skills in your people could improve safety, efficiency and operational excellence.

Human Performance Training


Learning from decades of aviation experience, OTS brings the good practise of CRM to your world.

Already leading the way in NHS Human Performance (also known as Human Factors) training, OTS are partnering a pioneering approach to training the frontline medical staff in error reduction and increased efficiency throughout the trust. Find out more here.

Innovative private sector companies are utilising these skills to help mitigate threats both external and internal, whilst at the same time reducing employees' stress levels and boosting productivity.

Contact OTS to see how we can transform your company from within.

Leadership and Management 

Development Training


A one-day bespoke leadership development course, designed to appeal to organisations and individuals who are looking for a succinct, jargon free, theory light leadership training emphasis, experience and examples are practically orientated and delivered in plain English -Straight talk! The course uses carefully selected, proven skill-sets and tools are used that can be readily tailored for individual use. 

We explore how Leadership interacts with other non-technical skills such as decisive decision-making, building and motivating a high performing team and managing the dynamics that team diversity can create, including managing conflict and the need for effective communication.


Our courses are relevant for all Leader managers regardless of role and level of seniority.

Resilience and wellbeing in the Workplace

Great leader managers know that the true path to success lies with the wellbeing of their people.  Looking after the wellbeing and mental health of your people means that they perform for you.


Our Resilience Course deals with the complexities of modern working, the stresses within and how to deal with conflict in a productive way when it appears.  

Critical Incident

avoidance training

We make mistakes! Always have and always will, but that doesn’t mean we should accept that.  


Taking the principles of Threat and Error Management, applying them to your environment and through open and honest in-depth analysis

of situations, we can see the error chain develop. 


If seen, we can break the chain before a critical incident or accident occurs. It’s good to learn from your mistakes, but better to learn from someone else’s.


Contact us to see how we can mitigate the threat of major incidents or occurrences.

Incident / Accident Debrief Development Training


Accidents and incidents will happen!  It's how we deal with the fall out that counts. Do we blame others, or accept that change is required?


Understanding why things went wrong, when they went wrong and crucially how we can stop things going wrong again is key to the development of a safe and efficient working environment.

At OTS we are only interested in identifying the areas internally and externally that need improvement and working with you to develop a robust system that seeks to mitigate the chance of an incident or accident happening again.  


So if there has been an incident or accident, contact OTS to see how we can work together to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Crew Resource Management


Since we took to the skies we crashed to the earth! Crew Resource Management has been in aviation for over 40 years and is so effective it is now mandatory.

OTS creates and delivers bespoke Crew Resource Management Initial and Recurrent courses for pilots, cabin crew and ground crew. 

As always, it starts with you and what you need. We then do the rest.  

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