“The feedback from today has been really positive, it has caught the mood of the situation very accurately and really helped move the team forward. All of the participants today have finished the day looking to the future.”


Private sector chemical manufacturer

“The guys made everyone feel at ease from the start and created an atmosphere where the entire group was comfortable to share their thoughts and opinions. The overall content of the course was great and there were some genuinely thought-provoking moments where we were encouraged to look at and talk through things in a way that really helped to change my perspective.”


Private sector financial institute

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 21.24.46.png

“David is a very skilled and effective CRM instructor. He clearly enjoys the subject and as a result his classes are rewarding, thought-provoking and far from any hint of course 'box ticking'. It is not an easy subject to present and David does a super job in ensuring all the course participants get properly involved.”


Chief pilot at Business Aviation company

“Very good, very inspiring. I particularly liked the idea of picking out the most important things to discuss (WANT) and tailoring this to the specific situation. I intend to apply this prior to conversations with different individual members of my team.”


Environment Agency

“I liked how interactive it was and how it created a sense of togetherness in that it we are a team even if we had just met.”


Medical professional on Resilience Course

“Really good opportunity - thank you Many, many more staff should be given time out of their clinical time to attend events surrounding human factors, it really does alter the way you see your practice and your day to day job.”


Doctor on Human Performance Course