the Team

Between us, we have flown fixed wing and rotary, military and commercial, low cost and corporate and done it all over the world.  We have trained people to work better and safer in the NHS, pilots and cabin crew to fly safer, and the private sector to work more efficiently.

What we do is unique! We don't have a laser pointer and we certainly don't lecture.  We listen, we challenge, we get you to think about what your limitations are because then we can show you what your  potential is. We learn together and give you a skillset that you can apply to any aspect of your life.  We develop your Non - Technical Skill. 

David Moss


After graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst David was commissioned as an Officer in the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment where he held a variety of command and leadership posts in peacetime training and high stress operational environments.  Turning to aviation he was seconded to  the Army Air Corps where he flew helicopters and commanded a flight that included flying VIPs and members of the Royal Family, before his final post as a staff officer for the whole of the Armed Forces Aircrew training.


Taking these skills with him to the Commercial Aviation environment, David soon became a Crew Resource Management Instructor for Pilots and Cabin Crew and his upgrade to Captain followed soon after. Now in his second decade of flying and teaching, he shares this passion with industries and organisations outside of aviation. 


“I believe that learning and developing starts with the individual and builds from there.  Life in the Army has taught me so much about people and combined with the CRM skills used daily whilst flying, have given me transferrable skills that can and do make such a difference in other organisations, that is why I set up OTS.


Aside from work and teaching, David lives in West Sussex with his two children and can be found running on the South Downs.

Simon Lewis


Starting his working career in the city working at Lloyd’s of London, Simon quickly realised that following his Father into aviation was where his heart was.  There followed a safe and successful commercial flying career spanning three decades as a First Officer and latterly Captain with global experience on a variety of aircraft and is currently flying as a Captain on the Airbus 320.  Simon has a deep passion for Human Factors Training and as a qualified Crew Resource Management Trainer, has been training this subject to Pilots, Future Pilots, Cabin Crews and now Medical Professionals for the last 15 years. He is also an active member of the Honourable Company or Air Pilots and the Royal Aeronautical society.


“I feel that the implementation of this training into our aviation environment has been one of the main factors behind the industries long term, excellent safety record and it is very exciting being able to introduce this particular training into other mainstream industries.”


When not teaching or flying Simon can be found at home in rural Dorset with his wife and daughter, their 2 dogs and 5 chickens and trying to get some semblance of tune from his electric guitar.

Emma Staines


Emma is an award winning Cabin Crew Training Standards Instructor for easyJet.  Emma has over 17 years of experience within aviation and  regularly flips from being a Cabin Manager on the Airbus 320 family to teaching the next generation of pilots and cabin crew as a Crew Training Instructor.  The most qualified of the instructors, Emma is qualified to not only teach, but also examine and assess the credibility of CRM trainers.  In addition to this wealth of Human Factors knowledge she is a certified assessor in subjects such as Aviation Security, Safety and Emergency Procedures and Aviation Immediate Care. 


Her passion truly lies with Human Factors and she writes and delivers Human Factor courses to qualify new cabin crew and pilot instructors. These transferrable skills have been used to great affect in the private sector as Emma seeks to pass on all that she has learnt from her time in the Aviation Industry.


Living in Hertfordshire with her family of two young boys Emma is kept extremely busy yet through practising what she preaches, still finds time to regularly maintain her fitness levels.