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“Significant improvements may come by embracing aviation’s safety strategies, including CRM.”

Helmreich and Sexton 2004

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Critical Incident Avoidance Training

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Development Training

Nurse Talking to Patient

“I can genuinely say that it was the most interesting and thought provoking course I've had the pleasure of attending

and I will wholeheartedly recommend it to any of my colleagues the next time you come to visit.”

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With 7 decades of experience between them across a multitude of industries, we start with you and go from there.

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David Moss

David Moss


Simon Lewis

Emma Staines

Emma Staines


Juliano Bergmann

“I will endeavour to use what I learnt in both my work and home life going forward. I have attended many courses in my time at work and hands down yours was definitely the one that will stay with me.”

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“In any moment of decision, the

best thing you can do is the right

thing, the next best thing is the

wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”


Theodore Roosevelt